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They Massively Underestimated Us

9 June 2017, 2000 hours:

In an effort to cure a bad case of UK Election jitters, Thirteen's Danny Jenkins started drawing a portait of British politician Jeremy Corbyn as the election results trickled in. By the early hours of the following morning the portrait was ...

Jun 14, 2017

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The End of the World is Nice

Our limited edition print is the first in a series celebrating the lowly sandwich board – a popular form of advertising born in the 19th century – which seems to be making a bit of a comeback ...

Nov 23, 2015

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We've folded (some paper)

Thirteen designer Ben Crosskey produced this rather lovely limited edition origami card for us Christmas 2014, coinciding with the relaunch of our website and brand refresh. 

Ben's typically rigorous research process led him to the semi-mythical Dec 15, 2014